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Workshops are designed for high engagement by offering a safe space for insights and dynamic sharing between participants.  This format suits well to raise awareness and foster peer-to-peer support for a healthy work environment. The group can be your whole team together, project-based or role-focused.

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INteractive Seminars

Interactive seminars are designed to experience how the mind functions under stress and raise awareness on how to prevent burnout. We practice together tools to calm the mind and get clarity. This format suits well for organisation department day activities and community-building events, from R&D and academic departments to research clusters and start-up days.

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public speaking

Public talks are designed to inspire large audiences about mental care, from the science of the mind to the societal big picture. The audience is invited to reflect and take action to improve well-being. This format is suited for conferences, fairs and breakfast/lunch/after-work events.

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the next steps:


Fill in the form and send me a detailed description of your ideas and vision.


We book a 30 minutes strategic meeting and discuss your needs, goals and vision for the event and how I could help you.


I send you an offer with:

  • content suggestion
  • preparation time evaluation
  • timeline and deliverables
  • budget

And then we make it happen!

one-to-one coaching

Coaching sessions are confidential one-to-one conversations designed to navigate personal challenges and nurture self-leadership. Together we focus on you, to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Coaching suits all levels of institutions.

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Fill in this form to get in touch with me.


We book a 30 minutes discovery call where we discuss:

  • your challenges and needs
  • what coaching is (and is not) and if it’s for you
  • how I work and what to expect

I send you a coaching agreement covering working philosophy, ethics and mutual accountability.

And we start your journey towards clarity!


We had the pleasure to host Deborah for a lunch lecture about Inner sustainability. Deborah’s inspiring exercises on mindfulness made our students and staff reflect on how to take care of one’s mind health in studies, work and life in general.

Verena Schöld, Chairwoman of student union, Gothenburg University, IT faculty

I met Deborah when I was in a process where I tried to break bad habits. After constant failures and relapses in the same pattern, Deborah helped me focus on the right things and call in the problem. Through our conversations, she brought me forward with clear structure and positive energy. I left every conversation full of energy and with a clear target picture.

Bettina, manager

Looking for a job was a difficult time for me. I was unsure how to search and find a job that would suit me. Déborah Rupert helped me overcome my doubts. She was very patient and through our sessions I became more confident about how to use my strong points and best promote myself. Also that being aware of my weaknesses can help me use them to my advantage. At the end I felt more secure on how to navigate job interview process and overcome my fears.

Juliane Junesch, PhD

In coaching sessions with Deborah you can expect to be guided through your own thoughts to explore your preferences and priorities in your professional life. Through learning different techniques and exercises, I discovered new strategies to reach my professional goals. Additionally, Deborah provided excellent advice on how to approach academic politics and how to keep a healthy mind in a harsh work environment.

Valeria Saavedra, PhD

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