Here’s a selection of the events that I host, attend or I speak to.

upcoming events

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past events

creative mornings

Inspirational talk at Creative Mornings Gothenburg as part of Audience Takes The Stage event. The theme was Wonder and I wondered how the world would be if we were friends with our mind.

Listen to the talk here.

Photos by Sina Farhat.


Seminar and workshop organized by the Mobility for Regional Excellence 2020 program (MoRE2020), a research mobility program co-founded by Region Västra Götaland, Sweden and the European Union. During the seminar, we discussed the stress factors of being a researcher and explored tools for mental clarity. During the workshop, we navigated personal challenges in a safe and shared lessons learned from a group and individual perspective.

Here’s a snippet from the seminar.

Enkindle Global Workshop

A particpatory workshop organised by Enkindle Global, a worldwide organization that supports people in preventing burnout and reigniting their passion. Our team facilated open conversations and sharing circles around the challenges of burnout and how to incorporate wellbeing at the workplace.

Here’s a snippet from the workshop.

gothenburg women scientists

Inspirational talk organized by Gothenburg Women Scientists as part of the community networking event. The theme was Reduce Stress and Avoid Burnout – How do you take care of your mind to avoid burnout?

Here is a snippet of the talk.

podcast interview

A podcast interview where I describe my professional journey from Ph.D. in biophysics to becoming a coach for science innovators. A raw and vulnerable story about how stressed I was during my Ph.D., almost hit the wall and got a wake-up call. I dig into how I rebuilt myself from scratch and changed mindset, switched carrier and became a professional coach to protect others from burnout.

lunch seminar

Sustainability lunch seminar organized by Lindholmen Students for Sustainability and Göta Student Association, IT section of Gothenburg University. Together we explored the question Is your mind sustainable? and discussed how mental clarity is a key component to reaching sustainability for the planet.

Listen to a snippet of the seminar here.

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