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Your curious mind fits many missions.

Beyond your academic track and specialisation, reinvent yourself and use your strengths to discover new professional horizons.

I combine coaching with the art of job hunting to help you find your inner compass, learn key job search techniques and implement an action plan towards your next career step.

How I can Help

find your inner compass

Vision and goals

Values and motivation

Competences and transferable skills

Strengths and resources

Interests and work areas

job search techniques

Transition to industry

CV and LinkedIn profile

Networking on and offline

Job market and position analysis

Reference and motivation letters

Spontaneous applications

your way forward

Design and implement your strategy

Get accountability and feedback

Interview training

Salary negotiation

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In coaching sessions with Deborah you can expect to be guided through your own thoughts to explore your preferences and priorities in your professional life. Through learning different techniques and exercises, I discovered new strategies to reach my professional goals. Additionally, Deborah provided excellent advice on how to approach academic politics and how to keep a healthy mind in a harsh work environment.

Valeria Saavedra, PhD

Looking for a job was a difficult time for me. I was unsure how to search and find a job that would suit me. Déborah Rupert helped me overcome my doubts. She was very patient and through our sessions I became more confident about how to use my strong points and best promote myself. Also that being aware of my weaknesses can help me use them to my advantage. At the end I felt more secure on how to navigate job interview process and overcome my fears.

Juliane Junesch, PhD

We had the pleasure to host Deborah for a lunch lecture about Inner sustainability. Deborah’s inspiring exercises on mindfulness made our students and staff reflect on how to take care of one’s mind health in studies, work and life in general.

Verena Schöld, Chairwoman of student union, Gothenburg University, IT faculty

I met Deborah when I was in a process where I tried to break bad habits. After constant failures and relapses in the same pattern, Deborah helped me focus on the right things and call in the problem. Through our conversations, she brought me forward with clear structure and positive energy. I left every conversation full of energy and with a clear target picture.

Bettina, manager

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