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A Piece of My Story

Over the years I’ve built a toolbox to help manage my stress, calm my mind and take care of myself.

Initially I used those techniques out of necessity to reduce my mental chaos working in academia and over time they became part of personal hygiene, just like brushing teeth. It’s been a long journey of exploration and I’m still learning. Connection with myself, with others and with nature are my anchors to settle my mind in the present moment.

My wellbeing toolbox is centered around conscious thinking, practicing mindfulness and body awarness. I do free writing, I’ve been meditating almost daily for the past 7 years and I practice yoga. I love to dance, especially argentine tango which is for me a profound way to have conversation without words with another person and with music.

Nature is where I belong, breathing fresh air, hiking and watching the earth living its life is where I gain perspective on the human existence and where our interconnectedness becomes obvious.

I believe in inner sustainability for outer sustainability and that the change we want to see in this world starts from within.

Wherever you are in your journey, I wish you peace of mind and heart.

My mission now is to help science innovators to reduce the noise in their mind, cultivate wellbeing and be more innovative for a better future for all.

On a formal approach

Dr. Déborah Rupert was born and raised in France where she did her undergraduate engineering studies in physics and nanotechnology.

Her passion for blending physics and biology brought her to Sweden where she did her PhD in biological physics. During her PhD, she reached very close to burnout and momentarily quitted her studies. After few months of recovery, she started the PhD again with a very different mindset and a wish to use her personal story to prevent other science innovators from burning out.

Today, Déborah is a professional coach certified by the international coaching federation, ICF. She supports science innovators with knowledge and tools designed to take care of their mind and protect them from burnout. She is an active member of the international coaching federation, acting as a coordinator of the Gothenburg Sweden Chapter and being part of the Swedish ICF research forum.

Déborah is engaged in Enkindle Global, an international organization with a mission to cultivate personal wellbeing to nurture social wellbeing at the individual and organisation level.

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